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Clever new font is inspired by brick masonry

Stack ‘em on up

Illustration of brick font JDT Type

Bricks are good for more than mere masonry. Case in point: A new font from the digital type foundry JTD Type that uses brick as the basis for its form. Called Stack, the font is built from stacking (clever, right?) different varieties of bricks atop one another to create blocky letterforms.

Pattern made with brick font on yellow background JDT Type

The typographic trick is more than clever wording. Stack actually harkens back to the industrial age when many visual identities were built out of vertically-stacked masonry that created lettering on chimneys.

Black and white image of bricks JDT Type

The font’s designers explain that Stack is the result of years of research into archival material. They referenced hundreds of photographs and engineering drawings to understand the masonry of the time and translate that into digital drawings.

Illustration of five font families JDT Type

Stack comes in five font families—fill, bricks, courses, mortar bricks, and mortar courses—in case you have a preference for your typographic masonry.