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Restored 19th-century train station home asks $895K

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Living in a piece of history

restored 19th-century train station home Photos by Steve Belner courtesy of Global Property Systems

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Location: Bloomingburg, New York

Price: $895,000

We’ll take one ticket to this amazing railroad-station-meets-house in Bloomingburg, New York. Terrible puns aside, this five-bedroom beauty is on the market, and it’s a stunning example of how a little creativity can turn an dilapidated building into a home.

The station was originally built in 1889 and abandoned in 1957. Over the years, the building fell into disrepair and became completely unusable until its new owners poured a lot of time and love into it. Today, the station looks like a Spanish villa set against New York’s rolling hills.

The house features a rippling Spanish clay roof that comes with a 75 year warranty and plays nicely with the brick patio out back. Inside, the floors are made from mosaic stone, embossed terra-cotta tiles, and oak.

The best details of the house are those that carried over from its time as a functioning station. The arched doors come with an Ontario & Western logo, and the walkways are fashioned with railroad ties and spikes. Somewhere on the property, there’s an original railroad tunnel that was blasted in 1868. If that’s not a selling point, what is?

20 Harvest Road is currently listed for $895,000.