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Bright red prefab home could pass for a modern barn

Looks can be deceiving

Outside of red prefab house at dusk Photos by Fernando Alda via Designboom

From a distance, this red house by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos looks like a barn. Up close, there’s nothing rustic about the modern modular design.

The architects designed the house in San Jose de Maipo, Chile, as a lovely study in contrasts: bright red in a natural, green setting, simple shape with some unexpected twists. The home comprises two forms that were brought together to create a spacious multi-story structure. The two prefab modules have parts of their mass subtracted to create a double-height entryway and covered terrace.

Peering through the window you can see a floating staircase that leads up to a loft-like second story. The architects created the illusion of permeability by cladding the home’s top window with a pattern of metal material.

Inside second story looking out window

Via: Designboom