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U.K. will soon require new homes to include electric vehicle charging ports

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Office buildings and streetlights, too

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It’s a sign of the times—soon the U.K. is going to require new homes and office buildings be designed with ports for electric car charging.

U.K.’s Minister of Transportation introduced the initiative as part of a new series of laws called Road to Zero, aiming to expedite the adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles in the country. The bill allocates $531 million toward implementing charging infrastructure in newly designed homes, office buildings, and parking-adjacent streetlights.

The unreliability of charging ports has been one of EV’s biggest hurdles. Last year, the University of Michigan found that there are 16,000 public charging ports in the US. That number rises when private charging ports are counted, but it’s still tiny when compared to the more than 112,000 gas stations operating in the U.S.

The law is designed to make charging ports as accessible as gas stations (if not more) so EV drivers don’t have to worry about running out of juice. It’s good news for the environment—and the Tesla drivers who have their tow company on speed dial.

Via: Bloomberg