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This modern house is designed to support a dog’s health needs

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Talk about loyalty

Dog sitting on pink platform
An open shower space for the dog.
Photo by Sun Haiting via Designboom

Dogs might very well be man’s best friend, but not even human best friends get this kind of design treatment. Atelier About Architecture designed a home in Beijing around the needs of the owners’ dog, and let’s just say it’s not your average dog house.

Dog and owner looking out living room window Photo by Sun Haiting via Designboom

The firm split the 4,300-square-foot residence into two distinct styles: one for the humans and one for the pup. The first and second floors are dedicated to the humans and are swathed in cool grays and whites. Meanwhile, the spacious basement is designed for the dog and boasts hues like lake blue, yellow, and pink to help the pup’s sense of depth and direction.

Ramp with pink tiles Photo by Sun Haiting via Designboom

All of the materials in the home were chosen to reduce damage from friction since the dog has extremely sensitive joints. This means soft floors, ramps, and waterproof coating on stairs. It probably also comes as no surprise that the pup has not one, but two, bathrooms to choose from, and neither are outside.

Dog in bathroom
An operation floor in the shower area dedicated to routine exams and medical care for the dog.
Photo by Sun Haiting via Designboom

Via: Designboom