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Amsterdam’s coolest new hotel is a network of revamped bridge houses

A fresh way to experience the city’s famous canals

Modern bridge house overlooking canal Photo by Mirjam Bleeker via The Spaces

Amsterdam’s canals are dotted with little houses that at one point in time served as living quarters for bridge keepers, the people tasked with monitoring boat traffic for the city’s more than 1,200 canals.

Bed and modern bedside lamp Photo by Mirjam Bleeker via The Spaces

Today, most of the buildings sit vacant, but they’re now being transformed into—yep, you guessed it—luxurious hotel rooms geared toward those looking for a truly singular Amsterdam experience. Dutch firm Space&Matter is repurposing the bridge homes as the SWEETS Hotel, a series of 28 standalone hotel rooms spread across the city.

Brick bridge house and woman walking dog Photo by Mirjam Bleeker via The Spaces

You can think of the hotel as a network of suites, each with its own distinct style. All of the bridge houses were constructed during a different era, with the oldest dating back to the 17th century. The designers were careful to craft the interiors according the the building’s architectural style; a modern bridge house is outfitted with clean lines and stylish lamps, while older buildings skew more classic.

White bed inside light wood hotel room Photo by Mirjam Bleeker via The Spaces

The houses are booked online and accessed with an electronic key card. They start at $186 a night and go up from there depending on the style of house you choose.

Colorful interior with shelving unit Photo by Mirjam Bleeker via The Spaces

Via: The Spaces