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Curvy glass cabins bring design to nature

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What’s more beautiful—indoors or outdoors?

Mirrored facade on curvaceous cabin

Freycinet National Park in the Australian island state of Tasmania is known for its rugged sea line that hugs a handful of curvaceous bays. Now, the park has accommodations to match its sinuous outline thanks to Liminal Studios, a design firm that recently completed nine cabin pavilions for Freycinet Lodge.

Bedroom with windows looking out onto deck Photo by Dianna Snape via Designboom

The design of the cabins echoes the landscape with undulating glass facades that double as a window to the outside and a reflector for the surrounding wilderness. The camouflage effect gives visitors the feeling of being immersed in nature, despite their incredibly luxe living quarters.

Living room with wooden floors and walls Photo by Dianna Snape via Designboom

Liminal designed the spaces with wood paneled interiors that pop against touches of stone and black paint. Outside, the cabins have a large deck that comes with a dipping tub and plenty of sitting places designed for al fresco relaxing, including an unexpected netted hammock that hangs off the side of the deck.

Deck with two chairs and table Photo by Dianna Snape via Designboom

Via: Designboom