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It’s Play Week on Curbed

Come one, come all!

Centrally located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Logan Circle was originally known as Northwest Square, one of the original five squares on William Penn’s 1682 plan for Philadelphia. The park contains one of the most striking features of the Benjamin F
People gathering around the Swann Memorial Fountain in Philadelphia.
Photo courtesy of Visit Philadelphia®

School’s out, kids want to play! But it’s not just kids, and it’s not just during summer. Play—and all the associated senses of discovery, wonder, and spontaneity—is a vital part of our everyday experience of the built environment. That’s especially true in cities, and perhaps more so than we realize.

That’s why this week on Curbed, we’re turning the spotlight on all things urban recreation, from parks and playgrounds to more obscure points of interests.

On the flagship site, we’ll highlight specific examples of playful architecture and design (Treehouses! Boardwalks! Otherworldly installations!), as well as investigate the larger effects of recreation on real estate, urban planning, and civic engagement.

And across Curbed’s network of city sites, Play Week will seek to inform and delight. In addition to roundups of the best places for hosting outdoor events and getting good Instagrams, each city site will celebrate the things in its area that make it uniquely fun, whether that’s a super niche museum or a roving community circus.

To follow along, stay tuned to the Play Week hub, where new stories will be added each day. Let’s go!