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This floating park is made entirely from recycled plastic

The only plastic we want to see in rivers

floating park made of recycled river waste Photos via Designboom

One man’s trash is another’s floating river park. At least that’s the case in Rotterdam, where a new floating structure called the Recycled Park just opened on the Maas River.

The 1,500-square-foot park is made from trash gathered from the city’s rivers over a year and a half. Volunteers scoured the city’s river banks for trash and the city partnered with the Recycled Island Foundation to set passive litter traps in the river and port to capture plastic waste via the stream’s natural current.

Floating hexagons with plants and people

The waste was then recycled into 28 floating hexagonal blocks that are bolted together to create little floating islands that can be used as seating for visitors or plant beds for growing greens. The designers say they fashioned the underside of the hexagons to have a rough texture and crevices so algae and plants can attach and fish and marine life can safely lay their eggs.

People on bridge overlooking floating hexagon park
Close up of floating hexagon with plants inside

Via: Designboom