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World’s most Instagrammable art exhibition just opened in Tokyo

’Gram or it didn’t happen

People watching projected light teamLab via The Spaces

We’re living in the age of Instagram art, where exhibitions and experiences are tailor-made to produce like-able photos. From sparkling infinity rooms to buildings dedicated to ice cream, there’s truly no shortage of options to stage your cultural thirst trap.

Woman interacting with wall teamLab via The Spaces

The latest example of this phenomenon recently opened at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum, a 107,000-square-foot museum in Tokyo dedicated to interactive artwork by the Japanese studio teamLab.

Girl holding bowl with projected light teamLab via The Spaces

The studio is exhibiting 50 of its hyper-colored digital works in “Borderless”, which immerse visitors in wild and whimsical worlds that respond to touch, sound, and movement. True to the show’s name, the works cover every imaginable surface of the museum, giving visitors the uncanny feeling of not knowing if what they’re seeing is really happening or just on “screen.”

The artwork is powered by more than 520 computers and 470 projectors, making this as much a technical feat as it is a visual feast.

Check out some ’grams flowing in already.

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Via: The Spaces