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The ‘For Sale’ sign gets a modern update

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Have your phone ready

Man and dog walking in front of glowing for sale sign Compass

Just when you thought the “for sale” sign was dead, it’s been resurrected and connected to the internet. The real estate company Compass recently unveiled a new design for its “for sale” sign, and it’s a decidedly modern update to a decades old design.

The half-digital, half-analog sign is lollipop-shaped with a glowing outer ring. It looks like it could have been designed by Dyson or Apple or pretty much any other 21st-century company with a taste for the minimal.

Glowing for sale sign in front of house at night Compass

The modular design has three main parts—a stand, a centerpiece that displays a printed sign with the real estate agent’s information, and the glowing ring meant to attract the attention of potential buyers. Below the ring there’s a QR code, which prompts interested buyers to download the Compass app for more information.

For now, the sign’s functionality is limited—the ring glows in a handful of animation patterns, and the sign’s text must be manually changed. But eventually, Compass says its redesigned signage could be fully digital and act as a hub to connect the digital and physical worlds.

A limited-edition first run of the signs will cost agents $700 a pop to start (agents can pay another $300 to have their signs show up on the Waze traffic app). The price is expected to drop under $500 for future iterations.

Correction: This story has been corrected to reflect the accurate cost for the signs.

Via: Fast Company