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Chic beach bungalow in Montauk is perfect for a summer weekend

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The shoppable apartment spotlights a host of home goods brands like Hem and Floyd

This chic beach bungalow blends a weathered feel with modern sensibilities, and features an open floor plan that encourages communal gathering. The interior is clad in white walls and oak wood flooring, while a colorful decorating scheme livens up the pla
This curated modern beach house features accessible brands.
Photos by Nicole Franzen courtesy of Studio Robert McKinley

As temperatures finally start flirting with triple digits, it’s hard not to let your mind wander toward the beach, feeling imaginary sand beneath your toes and letting the prospect of salt-stained air fill your nose. Studio Robert McKinley wants you to enjoy that in style.

The McKinley Bungalow is a new four-bedroom, three-bathroom rental in Montauk, New York, bringing the designer’s elegant beach-chic sensibility to a coastline that already features some of McKinley’s hip vacation lodging. Originally built in 1978, the revamped bungalow is a stone’s throw from the popular Ditch Plains beach and was crafted in particular for those looking to entertain.

McKinley collaborated his wife, Kate Nauta, on the ranch-style house, which was designed with nods to both the surrounding Montauk area and their travels abroad, resulting in a modern feel with some colorful character.

The home is outfitted with a range of high-quality but relatively affordable home goods brands, including Hem, East Fork, and Floyd. And the coolest part? The space essentially doubles as a real life lookbook. If there’s anything that catches your eye, it’s easy to take a slice of the bungalow home with you. In fact, even the house is for sale.

The 1900-square-foot residence features natural oak floors and an open floor plan designed with eye towards communal gatherings. Meanwhile, a library garnished with a Moroccan daybed and linen curtains only adds to the sleepy beachfront feels. The exterior of the home is enhanced with a mahogany deck and clad in shiplap siding, with a sprawling lawn in the front and a barbecue area in the back.

Tempted? The starting nightly rate is a cool $695 for the three-bedroom main house, $395 for the one-bedroom attached “apartment”, and $1,095 for the whole thing.