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Architect’s tiny studio doubles as a hangout for his daughter

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Part work studio, part sleepover dreamland

Window looking out onto water Photo by Art Grice via Dezeen

Many kids get free reign of the basement for sleepovers. If you happen to be the daughter of an architect, though, your hangout spots could end up looking a little different.

James Cutler of Cutler Anderson Architects built this 80-square-foot cabin as a dual purpose work studio and hangout space for his young daughter. The small room is set down a wooded path away from the main house, which is on an island outside of Seattle.

Photo by Art Grice via Dezeen

Cutler tore down an old tool shed and replaced it with a new building designed with simple touches. The space is constructed from wood with steel shingles. A large window peers out onto the water.

Wooden desk and wood burning stove Photo by Art Grice via Dezeen
Bunkbed folded out Photo by Art Grice via Dezeen

The room has a few clever details that make it truly multi-functional. Cutler designed the space to be convertible with two murphy-style bunk beds that fold up on traction struts and a desk that hides away. According to the studio, “When everything is folded against the walls, it becomes a poker room for dad’s friends.”

Sounds pretty sweet for both father and daughter.

Bunkbed folded up against wall Photo by Art Grice via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen