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Welcome to the new Curbed Handbook

We’ve redesigned your go-to guide for maintaining a home

Two years ago, Curbed relaunched with the tagline: “Love where you live.” While our coverage often tackles the street, city, and global level of the built environment, we’ve always recognized that loving where you live starts with, well, loving your home. And Curbed Handbook, our how-to guide for creating a dwelling you can find peace in, has been central to that mission.

From setting a renovation budget to buying a sofa to refreshing your space, we’ve built up a wide-ranging collection of resources on finding and caring for a home. Now it’s time to take it up a notch.

Today, we’re relaunching Curbed Handbook with a brand new look that makes it easier to find the answers to all your questions, whether that’s how to choose a rug for your living room or where to buy plants online.

A redesigned navigation bar puts topic-based chapters front and center, highlighting the most relevant Handbook pieces of the moment. Meanwhile, new collections of stories dedicated to a room or essential element of a home will offer stories from not only Handbook, but also the rest of Curbed’s offerings, such as shopping roundups and longform features.

And, of course, the stories themselves will ramp up in breadth and depth as well. That means more guides, more expert advice, more shoppable ideas, and a Curbed Handbook newsletter (sign up below!).

Ready to dive in? Right this way.