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The adorable Microlino car just got approved for European streets

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Move over Smart Car—there’s a smaller whip in town

Compact car on the road Microlino

The ultimate city car just got city approved. The ultra-compact Microlino car from Micro, the Swiss mobility company behind the ultra popular Micro Kickboard scooters—just passed its last round of safety tests, and is now approved for driving on European streets.

At just under 8 feet long, the tiny automobile is smaller than a Smart Car and can easily cut tight turns and sneak into tricky parking spots. It comes with a maximum speed of 56 mph and a rechargeable battery that can plug into any standard European electricity outlet. Depending on the type of battery installed, 8 kWh or 14.4 kWh, one charge can last 78 miles or 125 miles, respectively.


The two-seater is loosely modeled after the BMW Isetta, a midcentury car known for its compact body and unusual front-opening door. Similarly, the Microlino saves space by placing its main door in the front, which pulls open and outward. There’s also a hatch door in the back for storage.

Interior shot of front seat Microlino
Car with back hatch open Microlino

The Micolino was first introduced in 2016, and it’s taken a few years to work out the logistical kinks of making such a small car road ready. Now that it’s here (the car should be market ready by 2019), it will be interesting to see how the EV shares the road with much larger, much faster cars.

Via: Designboom