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Undulating bamboo house looks like it’s wearing a hat

The beauty of circles

Bamboo house with raised deck

Sometimes a home is a treehouse in spirit, if not exactly in form. Such is the case with this compact dwelling that sits at the foot of Siming Mountain in Yuyao, China.

Shanghai studio Monoarchi designed the bamboo structure around three non-concentric circles that sit atop each other and form a wonky fibonacci spiral. Peering at the house from above, you can see the layers at work—an undulating roof hovers over the main circular frame, which sits on a round deck. It’s a dizzyingly brilliant construction that gives the “treehouse” a totally unusual shape.

Aerial view of bamboo villa Photo by Hao Chen via ArchDaily

The roof and walls are supported by 57 trusses that vary in thickness to support the overhang of the curved eave. Inside, the house surrounds a spiral staircase that leads from the main bedroom up to a bathroom and eventually to an open terrace where visitors can sit and take in the mountains.

Circular bedroom with bed and window Photo by Hao Chen via ArchDaily
Wooden deck with bamboo overhang Photo by Hao Chen via ArchDaily

Via: ArchDaily