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Charred timber cabin in Vermont is a minimalist’s dream

Perfect for getting inspired

This symmetrical cabin is clad in charred timber and is fronted by large sliding glass doors that can open the space up to the fields around it. The interior is sparely furnished with a central room that’s painted white, with a fireplace at the center and
This cabin in a Vermont forest features large sliding glass doors that open the space up to the natural world.
Metabaukunst via Designboom

If you’re looking to get away from it all, it certainly can’t hurt to do it in a place that’s easy on the eyes. At least, that’s the thinking behind this studio in the forests of Vermont, an elegantly stripped back cabin that seeks to blur the lines between the built environment and the landscape around it.

Designed by the Swiss architecture studio Metabaukunst, the reclusive space is aimed at writers and artists looking to find inspiration from the natural world. And it won’t be hard to find it here, thanks to huge glass sliding doors that front the property and open up to pine trees and rolling fields.

You certainly won’t be distracted by the cabin itself—the sparsely furnished interior is mainly composed of the stark white central room that features sideboards acting as worktables, storage space, and daybeds. Meanwhile, a mudroom with a shower is tucked in the back.

The exterior of the cabin is clad in ever popular charred timber, conveying a sort of uniformity with the trees that loom over it, and two entrance doors at the back of the cabin allow the space to open up from all sides.

Via: Designboom