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These tiny apartments show how to live cozy in 270 square feet

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Enough room for ingenuity

Lofted bed with stairs and drawers L. Garbačiauskas via Designboom

Designers often say constraints breed creativity. Limitations and guardrails aren’t problems—they’re an invitation to think a little differently.

At this apartment complex in Vilnius, Lithuania, Heima Architects put the theory to test. The studio designed four 270-square-foot apartments, each with a different approach to the limited space.

Bef lifted to reveal walk-in wardrobe L. Garbačiauskas via Designboom

The apartments start with the same features—a bed, living room, bathroom, and kitchenette—but end up in a slightly different layout and color scheme. In one studio, the architects created a bed that lifts to reveal a walk-in closet. in another, drawers are built into the lofted bed’s stairs.

Micro apartment living room with maroon rug and sofa L. Garbačiauskas via Designboom

One micro apartment uses a convertible table as a desk and dining table, while another flips it on its side to become a coffee table. The minimalist apartments are simple but livable. Their differences in some cases barely register. But they show how with a little creativity, any space—even those with identical micro layouts—can feel like its own.

Micro apartment living room with green rug and white coffee table L. Garbačiauskas via Designboom

Via: Designboom