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Midcentury logos take the spotlight in new magazine

History reprinted

midcentury logos magazine LogoArchive via Dezeen

Midcentury design cuts across disciplines. Be it architecture, furniture, or graphics, there’s a continuity to its parts—clean lines, resolute shapes, pleasing compositions—that people are often drawn to.

Richard Baird, founder of the wildly popular LogoArchive Instagram account knows this. In the past few years, the London designer has built up a collection of more than 1,000 midcentury logos from graphic designers famous and unknown.

Baird works with fellow designers to source the logos, which he finds hidden in archives and books. He then typically scans and archives the historical artifacts, choosing his favorites to run on his website and social media.

Logo of cat
Le Pussycat by Raymond Bellemare and Gilles Robert, 1969.
LogoArchive via Dezeen
Logo of maple leaf flower
Enterprise de Construction Aéronautique Canadienne by Patrick Dugast, 1976.
LogoArchive via Dezeen

Now, Baird is releasing those logos as a quarterly magazine. Appropriately titled LogoArchive, the periodical has 12 pages of logos handpicked by Baird. The logos are printed in stark black and white, which is meant to highlight their form.

Logo of elephant
MC Equipment Inc by Raymond Bellemare, 1975.
LogoArchive via Dezeen

The first issue (you can subscribe here) features work from little known graphic designers like Claude Plante and Raymond Bellemare, who crafted an artful depiction of an elephant for MC Equipment Inc. in 1975.

Naturally, the logos included the pamphlet feel very of a specific moment in time and almost architectural in form.

Via: Dezeen