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Stunning art installation fills 400-year-old Greek ruin with colorful ‘pixels’

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When digital meets analog

Layers of colorful fabric in old courtyard Jewgeni Roppel/Quintessenz via Designboom

The Greek island of Paxos is home to some incredible ruins. Crumbling stone structures from hundreds of years ago are scattered about the tiny island, giving it a rustic ancient feel.

The last thing you’d expect to find when walking through the ruins is a colorful contemporary art installation. And yet, there it is—a chromatic array of fabric strung across a 400-year-old courtyard. The German artist duo, Quintessenz, installed the colorful new piece for the Paxos Contemporary Art Project, and it’s a perfectly modern contrast to the island’s worn aesthetic.

Old ruins with colorful fabric strung up Jewgeni Roppel/Quintessenz via Designboom
Close up of gauzy fabric Jewgeni Roppel/Quintessenz via Designboom

The installation is made from more than 120 pieces of fabric that hang in layers to create a pixelated effect. The artists cut the gauzy fabric and spray painted it a rainbow selection of hues before stringing each cut-out across the courtyard of the ruin. With the exact right amount of space between each piece of fabric, the layers begin to blend into a chromatic array of pixels.

Pieces of colorful layered fabric in old courtyard Jewgeni Roppel/Quintessenz via Designboom

Quintessenz is known for translating digital aesthetics into physical artwork. They’ve recently created similar installations for Berlin Fashion Week and in France. It’s a pretty stunning effect no matter the site, but we have to say, it looks particularly stunning when contrasted against centuries-old stone.

Via: Designboom