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Modern house acts like a series of picture frames for nature

Picture perfect

White house and blue sky Photo via Design Milk

Some houses are designed to blend in with the landscape. Others relish in the dissonance they create. This house in Australia falls somewhere in between. Aussie firm Studiofour designed this modern white house to frame its surroundings like a large scale picture frame.

Bathroom with window framing tree Photo via Design Milk
Bedroom with window framing tree Photo via Design Milk

The house is defined by little moments of visual cleverness. A small cutout in the stately white facade creates a frame for vast blue skies. Meanwhile, a glass walkway allows for a sightline from the lawn into the back pool area.

Glass walkway framing pool Photo via Design Milk

Inside, the architects created a neural canvas to draw the eye to a series of windows that look out onto a perfectly positioned tree or bush. It’s a subtle effect that takes a moment to notice. But it’s that subtlety that makes the design feel like an beautiful and unexpected homage to the natural world rather than something that’s working against it.

Via: Design Milk