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Solar-powered houseboat takes tiny living on water

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Pricing starts at about $60,000

tiny houseboat Photo via Inhabitat

The only thing more impressive than a well-designed tiny a tiny house that floats. This boathouse, called “Le Koroc,” was designed by the Quebecois boat makers Daigno as an efficient alternative to heftier floating homes. The laminated white cedar home stretches 8 by 24 feet and weighs 5,700 pounds.

Unlike most houseboats, “Le Koroc” is meant to sail. The dwelling sits on three aluminum pontoons, and it’s light enough to scoot around a body of water without using too much energy. For the energy that is used, there’s a 265 Watt solar panel on the roof that powers the home’s lights and refrigerator and a propane tank for the rest.

Photo via Inhabitat
Photo via Inhabitat

Inside, the boathouse has a full bathroom and full kitchen with a dinette that turns into a bed by lowering the table and adding cushions. The ‘living room” is actually an outdoor deck that has chairs optimally positioned for fishing, and a table for eating the fish you just caught.

Via: Inhabitat