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Cool concrete summer home sits among a sea of trees

Life in this concrete forest doesn’t seem so bad

This summer home sits on a slight slope in a clearing among pine and acacia trees and is built from board-formed concrete and large glazed windows. Overhanging concrete slab roofs provide a sense of privacy, while a terrace and a deck lends themselves to
Board-formed concrete makes up this home that’s situated in a seaside resort.
Photos by Federico Kulekdjian via Dezeen

Designed by the Buenos Aires-based studio Besonías Almeida Arquitectos, this summer home is situated in a seaside resort south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and blends a clean modernist aesthetic with the surrounding landscape. The home’s design relies heavily on board-formed concrete and large glazed windows, sitting on a slope among pine and acacia trees that jut out from nearby sand dunes.

The low-slung home sprawls across three levels and houses two bedrooms, an open living space, a terrace for entertaining guests, and a deck that looks out onto the forest. The differing levels provide a sort of spatial separation between the functions of the home, while interior courtyards further integrate the landscape into the home’s design.

Wary of the neighboring properties, the street-facing side of the home features few windows along its walls, while the more insular side allows light to flood the house and opens up for forest views.

The interior is just as raw, with concrete comprising much of the built-in furniture and storage. Shallow steps that ring the house allow access to the different spaces, and the home’s sleek finish is topped off with overhanging concrete slabs that lend the residence a further sense of privacy.

Via: Dezeen