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Watch us build the Home of the Future

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This new video series chronicles the buildout of a prefab home in Austin, Texas—designed with cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and innovation in mind

Smart home technology is booming, with strong interest from renters and buyers alike. But as every device and appliance becomes Wi-Fi enabled, voice-activated, and solar-powered, how close are we, actually, to the “home of the future” that previous generations dreamed of? Or has it already arrived?

Welcome to Season 2 of Home of the Future, a six-part video series co-produced by Curbed and The Verge. Last season, we globe-trotted to explore some of today’s most inventive residences, such as vertical forests and a high-tech tiny house. This time around, we’re going to do it all ourselves—that is, build a home of the future from scratch by pushing the limits of design and technology.

When Curbed and The Verge started the process of building our home of the future, we immediately thought prefab—which allows for higher quality control and faster construction. Modular construction has been deployed for American housing since World War II, though methods vary greatly between mass-produced mobile housing units and spendy, customized private homes. For this endeavor, we partnered with Texas-based Ma Modular to figure out how to design a modern house that is powered sustainably, while making the most of technology for next-level security and entertaining.

Want to see it all come together? Stay tuned for new video episodes every week through September 10 on our Facebook page, The Verge’s YouTube channel, or right here on Curbed.