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Luxury RV can carry a smart car inside its garage

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It’s the kangaroo of motorhomes

Germany-based Morelo Reisemobile will debut a new Palace motorhome at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.
All photos courtesy of Morelo

The small-size camper industry is having a moment. Many campers are opting for Class B adventure vans instead of large RVs, and more and more companies are pumping out pint-size trailers and campers that can easily fit in parking spots and garages. And then there’s the other end of the spectrum, where high-end luxury and the mantra that “bigger is better” rules. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

For owners of huge Class A RVs—we’re talking rigs that measure up to 45 feet—it’s all about space. Space to sleep, lounge, and bring whatever you want, including the kitchen sink. Or, in the case of the Palace motorhome from Germany-based Morelo Reisemobile, space to bring a car.

Set to debut at the upcoming 2018 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, the new Palace motorhome uses an Iveco or Mercedes chassis and then packs a ton of luxury and amenities into the 37-foot long camper. An aluminum alloy and fiberglass shell houses a remote-control side doorway—because why not?—and a spacious floor plan. Front cab seats swivel around to face the large living area, which includes leather L-shaped bench seats and a removable table. A large bathroom, multiple bed-size options, and luxuries like a wine-glass storage system come standard. An optional slide out provides even more room, and a fully-equipped kitchen offers loads of counter space for cooking.

A white camper van with a black stripe. The back of the van has a door open and a smaller van descending from a ramp.
A rear garage can carry a small car—like a smart car—or a motorcycle.
Courtesy of Morelo

But the most over-the-top amenity of the Palace is the rear garage. With enough room for smart cars or motorcycles, the garage lets you bring a small vehicle to use in towns so that you don’t have to drive your behemoth of an RV around tight streets. It also means you don’t need to trailer an additional vehicle. It’s a practical solution to a common problem, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Pricing for the new model hasn’t been released, but the current Palace costs around $233,000 and Morelo’s larger Liner model starts at $298,000. That’s much more affordable, however, than some other luxury RVs in the U.S. with car garages. The 40-foot Volkner Mobil Performance S can hold a Porsche or Ferrari but costs $1.75 million; that makes the Palace model look like a steal.

The side door can be opened with a remote control.
Courtesy of Morelo
A spacious interior also features a large sun roof.
Courtesy of Morelo
Multiple sleeping options are available.
Courtesy of Morelo
A look at the bathroom vanity in the Palace camper.
Courtesy of Morelo
Courtesy of Morelo

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