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Traditional courtyard house gets a modern update

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It’s all concrete, brick, and steel

Courtyard with pond Photo by Chaos Z Via Dezeen

At this home in Guangzhou, China, the outside is just as important as the inside. O-office Architects designed the residence as a reinterpretation of an archetypal Chinese courtyard house, and it’s a brilliant blend of traditional and modern.

The three-bedroom home centers around the gray brick courtyard whose stepped paths lead to a pond. The architects explain they designed the courtyard according to the topography of the surrounding land, which slopes from north to south. The space is built around moments of solitude—benches overlook the pond, stairs lead to another meandering path that seem to be purpose built for meditative walks.

Photo by Chaos Z Via Dezeen
Photo by Chaos Z Via Dezeen

The veranda that wraps around the house is supported by steel structural columns that give the house a warm but utilitarian feel. Even the interiors are in service of the courtyard, with large windows and concrete floors that lead into the exterior spaces.

Interior with windows and concrete floors Photo by Chaos Z Via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen