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All-in-one portable kitchen designed for millennials short on time and space

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Making it easy

Case with cooking utensils Via Dezeen

For a generation accustomed to ordering food on demand, it shouldn’t be surprising that getting millennials into the kitchen would require a whole new level of convenience. Royal Academy of Art Graduate, Yu Li, designed a portable kitchen called Assembly, and it’s a clever antidote to the excuse of not having enough space or time to cook.

Mini stove with pot Via Dezeen

The Assembly kit is like a high-powered picnic basket—every utensil and gadget is packed into a small red and white carrier with a handle. There’s a cutting board, mini hot plate, a set of cutlery, a single pot and pan, as well as a dish rack. The items are designed to be multi-functional. The back of the case can detach to become a tray that can be used for serving or for collecting water from drying dishes.

Utensils in wrap Via Dezeen

Li says she created Assembly for young professionals who both move often and land in homes with limited kitchen space. We say it’s handy for just about anyone who finds themselves cooking for one from time to time.

Via: Dezeen