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Sleek apartment makes stellar use of 320 square feet

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Small but efficient

Apartment with micro kitchen Photos by Norbert Juhász via Designboom

A square footage of 320 doesn’t go far in an apartment. Yet, this tiny home in Budapest feels like it has distinct zones thanks to some simple space dividing tricks.

Micro kitchen and bedroom nook Norbert Juhász via Designboom

Hungarian architects Batlab designed the apartment to feel both open and separate—not an easy task given the constraints of the space. They started by knocking down walls until they had an open box to work with.

Bedroom nook with white walls and white bed Norbert Juhász via Designboom

Then they constructed a compact kitchen and bathroom unit as a divider between the bedroom and living room, leaving just enough space behind the divider for a small sleeping nook that’s separated by gauzy curtains.

Living room with table and pendant lights Norbert Juhász via Designboom

The living room is centered around a small table, built-in shelving, and a series of pendant lights that warm the white cube of a space. All told, it’s an exceedingly simple design that feels both sleeker and bigger thanks to a few easy details.

Via: Designboom