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Tiny expandable camper costs just $4,500

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The wheel-less camper box sits on your hitch

The Hitch Hotel just debuted on Kickstarter.
Courtesy of Hitch Hotel

Small campers have been in the spotlight the past few years, with manufacturers trying to fit as many bells and whistles into increasingly tiny trailers. But a recently launched company called Hitch Hotel aims to simplify all that and give you just the basics: a box that fits on your hitch. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Hitch Hotel debuted on Kickstarter last week as a cheap alternative to many of the pricey campers on the market. Originally designed as a cargo box to hold mountain bikes, the 240-pound watertight fiberglass box attaches to your hitch—class two or higher—and provides about 60 cubic feet of storage while driving. That means you can take three full-size bikes, or whatever snowboards or camping gear you want.

Once you get to camp, the box uses telescoping technology to reveal a sleeping cabin that Hitch Hotel says can sleep two or three adults. It looks like three adults would be a squeeze, but the interior length of 88 inches by 58 inches does make the sleeping space a bit larger than a queen size mattress. No mattress is included in the Hitch Hotel, so you’ll have to provide your own and find a place to store it while driving.

This is a camper at its most stripped down, with nary a kitchen or bathroom in sight. The box does, however, sport two interior vented windows and a roof fan to help it feel less like a small shipping container. Other features include a lockable door, a USB port, a 12V light, and taillights for towing. Set up takes just minutes and the Hitch Hotel also uses a built-in slide that helps you pull the box away from your vehicle so that you can access the trunk.

Hitch Hotel will retail for $4,499 but is currently selling on Kickstarter at the substantial discount of $2,998 and no cost of shipping. Head over here for more.

Courtesy of Hitch Hotel
Courtesy of Hitch Hotel
Courtesy of Hitch Hotel

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