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Modern farmhouse highlights glass and charred timber

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Very cozy

This sprawling, modern farmhouse sits on a three-acre lot littered with trees just outside Columbus, Ohio. Two sections which feature gabled roofs and clad in charred timber sit perpendicular to each other, meeting in the middle, while floor-to-ceiling wi
This modern farmhouse features natural design elements that nod to the region’s agrarian history.
Photo by Brad Feinknopf via Dezeen

The farmhouse gets a fresh modern twist in this new single family home just outside of Columbus, Ohio, overlooking a ravine and situated amid rolling fields and forestry.

Designed by Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design, the Sullivan House sits on a three-acre lot and takes cues from farm structures that have littered the landscape for the last two hundred years. But rather than settling for classic design, the architects instead opted to bring the home into the 21st century by blending minimalist form with natural materials.

Photo by Brad Feinknopf via Dezeen
Photo by Brad Feinknopf via Dezeen

Gabled roofs top off the two sections of this home, which sit perpendicularly and meet in the center, composing the 3,500 square feet that make up the property. The home features three bedrooms in the eastern wing, while living areas that include a fireplace, guest bedroom, and sleeping loft make up the western wing.

Photo by Brad Feinknopf via Dezeen

In order to better marry the surrounding landscape with the house, floor-to-ceiling glass windows line the structure, and a terrace sits outside the living room. The interior boasts limestone walls and exposed wooden beams to add to the agrarian feel, while the exterior is clad in charred timber. Sitting just before a sprawling lawn and among clusters of trees, this house feels, well, right at home.

Via: Dezeen