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Whimsical installation reimagines five classic lamps as large-scale sculptures

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Not your average (sized) house lamp

Giant lamps and people Photo via Contemporist

When you think of public furniture, you probably think of benches, street lights, or bus stops. In Manchester, England, the phrase takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the installation of five improbably large lamps in the city’s central plaza.

The London-based art and design studio Acrylicize designed a series of lamp-shaped sculptures intended to reflect a particular period in Manchester’s history. This includes a 1932 Art Deco style reading lamp that’s inspired by the city’s Art Deco architecture and its long lineage of scientific discoveries.

A midcentury lamp with a purple and white honeycomb pattern is a reference to Manchester’s “busy bee” working class legacy. And a giant Anglepoise lamp that tilts upwards and projects a pattern on the the surrounding buildings is a nod to the city’s future.

Giant lamp illuminated at night Photo via Contemporist

The sculptures range from 11 to 20 feet and light up like a normal lamp. Of course, at that size they’re entirely impractical as house lamps, but they’re still functional pieces of furniture thanks to built-in benches and electric heaters for the colder months.

Giant lamps illuminated at night Photo via Contemporist

Via: Contemporist