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Recycled concrete and brick home has zero carbon footprint

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There’s plenty of greenery

This three story “mini tower” is made from recycled concrete and brick, and featured a pared back minimalist design with an open floor plan. The gray design is enlivened with greenery throughout the home, and the garage sits beneath the house with a lofte
The three story home packs in a garage and a lofted bedroom.
Photos by Ben Hosking via Designboom

It’s back to basics with this Australian home, a carbon-neutral residence with a scaled-back modern design that makes the most of its small footprint.

Designed by the architecture studio Whispering Smith, House A is the first of a trio of homes built from high recycled content concrete panels and recycled brick. The home, sitting at 2,153 square feet and located in a suburb outside of Perth, has a somewhat open floor plan and lack of defined spaces, adding to the minimalist feel that runs throughout the design.

The house functions as a three story “mini tower” that features a lofted bedroom at the top of the structure and a garage beneath it. The interior of the home is raw and clean, with the concrete walls accented sparingly with wooden shelving units, leaving plenty of space for greenery to liven up the clean gray palette. Meanwhile, a small patio out back offers access to the open air.

Via: Designboom