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Samsung’s got a smart speaker and it looks like a high-tech planter

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samsung smart speaker Samsung via The Verge

These days everyone’s got a “smart” speaker. Google has Home; Amazon has Echo; Apple has HomePod; and now Samsung is entering the ever-crowding space with Galaxy Home.

In the age of the smart speaker, there are two things that can distinguish an assistant: Looks and personality. So far there’s been little show of creativity in the looks department. Though the gadgets are still in their infancy, the companies making them have more or less coalesced around an agreed upon look of small, cylindrical, and stout.

This week, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Home, and while it, too, is stout and cylindrical, there’s something…a little different about it.

For starters, it has legs. And it’s quite a bit bigger than the Echo, Home, and HomePod. It looks like a vase or some sort of high-tech planter. The Galaxy Home sits atop a metal tripod of legs and is wrapped in black fabric. The interior houses six speakers, eight microphones, and a subwoofer. You’re probably not going to keep this thing on your nightstand.

Details are scant on what the Galaxy Home can actually do, but we know it runs on Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby (“Hi, Bixby”). The speaker drops in November, so we’ll look forward to being pleasantly surprised then. In the meantime, our sister site The Verge has a closer look in the video below.

Via: The Verge