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Concrete house blends into the woods with black exterior, green roof

Why settle for one design trend when you can have two or three?

Y shaped house from above

This house in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, is a design lover’s dream. With an exterior that looks like charred wood but is actually concrete, it’s essentially two of our favorite design trends in one.

Black concrete facade with timber imprint Sandra Pereznieto via Dezeen

Mexican architecture firm Cadaval & Solà-Morales crafted the home’s unique facade with a clever use of local materials. The designers used dead trees from the surrounding landscape to imprint the concrete house with a textured pattern. When painted black, the home takes on a shou sugi ban effect.

Living room with chairs and wood burning stove Sandra Pereznieto via Dezeen

It’s a stunning look, particularly when combined with the home’s unusual shape. The architects designed the 3,200-square-foot house around a central node that forks into three separate arms, each with a large window and distinct view.

Window looking into bedroom Sandra Pereznieto via Dezeen

The interior has dark stone floors and timber ceilings, which give the house a shadowy feel despite its floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside, the timber used to imprint the facade has a third life—as the base of the roof’s green shrubbery, another trending design statement.

Via: Dezeen