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Aluminum camper trailer features a convertible roof for star gazing

Get ready for panoramic views of the night sky

The new Lume Traveler will debut at the 2018 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon later this month.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler

For camper enthusiasts, August is an exciting time. That’s because each year the world’s biggest and most innovative camper manufacturers descend on Düsseldorf, Germany, to show the latest and greatest in vans, RVs, travel trailers, and more. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The show doesn’t start for a few more days, but we’ve already learned that Volkswagen will debut a new camper at Düsseldorf and there’s sure to be other big news. For Americans, it can be frustrating because so many of the campers shown at the event won’t be available stateside. But before you ignore the Düsseldorf Caravan show out of frustration, think of it this way: Düsseldorf is like a camper fashion show, a place for never before seen concept designs that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

With that in mind, we’re committed to covering the campers on display at Düsseldorf even if we can’t buy them here. And the latest camper that will debut at the show is the Lume Traveler. Made in the Netherlands, this boxy travel trailer features a sleek aluminum shell broken up by a few windows and a side door. But the most unique part of the Lume Traveler is its convertible roof; pull the soft-top fabric away and you’ll get panoramic views of the night sky.

A convertible roof offers fresh air and views of the night sky.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler

The Lume Traveler’s extra larger moon roof uses Sunbrella fabric that measures 6 feet by 3.6 feet and stretches across most of the roof. There’s also a built-in screen to keep bugs out. The convertible roof sits above an adjustable double bed, and the high-design interior of the trailer features teak flooring, a leather rear wall, and options for a 32-inch flat screen TV and Bose audio system. Gray walls use dirt-repellant wool felt—roll-up curtains included—and other trim options include oak and linen.

The Lume Traveler’s kitchen is outside, accessed from a rear hatch like a teardrop trailer. Two gas burners sit on a stainless steel counter—there’s an additional gas connection for a grill—while a sink and cutting board combo maximize space. A 40-liter fridge sits below the counter and slides out for convenience, and upper and lower cabinets can hold gear and cooking supplies.

A leather rear wall and felt walls are a fresh take on a camper interior.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler

A 100-watt solar panel powers the amenities inside, and the whole package sits on a Knott chassis and 15-inch wheels. The trailer is fairly lightweight, clocking in at 2,200 pounds. And while we’ve discussed the features of the Lume Traveler No. 1, which costs about $53,600, Lume also offers less luxurious models like the Basic ($46,000) and the Shell model ($31,400) which is an empty trailer campers can build out with Lume or by themselves.

Overall, the Lume Traveler is a modern take on what a travel trailer can be: sleek, comfortable, and well-designed. But its convertible roof also offers something new, blending the security and durability of an aluminum trailer with the appeal of an open tent. Like Volkswagen’s concept California XXL—which debuted at Düsseldorf last year and paved the way for this year’s camper—it looks like more and more like camper manufacturers are working on ways to bring the outdoors, in.

The rear kitchen area is similar to many teardrop trailers.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler
Plentiful counter space and stainless steel keep things clean.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler
A 40-liter fridge pulls out from below the kitchen area.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler
The convertible roof in action.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler
The boxy shape of the lightweight trailer stands out when compared to teardrops or other campers.
Courtesy of Lume Traveler

Via: New Atlas