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‘Floating’ modern home offers stunning cliffside views

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And it’s for sale

The home just outside of Stockholm sits perched on a rocky terrain and uses stilts to hold up the half of the home that is “floating” off the side of the cliff. The box-style home sits in a clearing among trees and is clad in faded wood and steel to help
This box-style home appear to be floating off the side of the cliff on which it sits.
Fastighetsbyran via The Spaces

Don’t look down! This “flying” home just outside of Stockholm sits perched atop a cliff, cantilevered precariously while offering gorgeous views of the island-dotted ocean stretching out before it.

Designed by Trigueiros Architects, the boxy modern home sits on stilts that make it appear as if it’s balancing on the rocky topography—though fortunately the drop down is not as far as it might seem at first.

The front of the home is adorned with a sprawling wraparound balcony, while glass walls—and a few strategically placed windows—frame nature views from every side. The rest of the exterior features Siberian larch wood and incorporates zinc and steel detailing.

The interior employs an open floor plan and clean lines. White walls and oak floors add to the light and airy feel of the home. The property also comes with beach access, if you’re in need of a little grounding.

For those not too put off by the heights, the home is listing now for 9,950,000 SEK, or about $1,090,000.

Via: The Spaces