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Feast your eyes on this next-level indoor park

Not your average playground

pastel-hued mall playground X+Living

When it comes to designing playgrounds, architects have all kinds of unusual ideas. But few are as wild as this newly opened family park in Hangzhou, China.

Built in the atrium of the Hangzhou Star Avenue Mall, the Neobio Family Park makes the teeter-totters and merry-go-rounds of the past feel like ancient toys. The massive play space is part of the second such space from Shanghai studio X+Living, which introduced this pastel-hued restaurant-meets-playground last year.

Playground with mini cars X+Living
Curving pastel bookshelves
The library.

X+Living designed the candy-colored wonderland as a place of exploration for children. Kids can wander through “Sim City,” a room with futuristic decoration that stokes the imagination. They can splash around in the water-play area, bake a cake in the bakery, climb a “cardboard” castle, or read in what is probably the prettiest children’s library you’ve ever seen.

Play castle with slides and climbing gym
A cardboard castle.

Like X+Living’s earlier playground project, this space is filled with pastel colors and bold patterns, giving it the appearance of having been swathed in decorative wrapping paper. There’s a lot going on here, which is great—both kids and parents will never get bored at this playground.

Bakery with long tables
The bakery classroom.