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New Trulia feature wants to be your go-to guide for neighborhood info

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So you can choose the right place to move to

Trulia neighborhoods tool Trulia

Looking for a new home involves a series of choices. Price point, bedrooms, and bathrooms are all clickable filters that get you one step closer to what you’re really look for. It turns out, though, that the home itself is often not what matters.

Real estate site Trulia polled people who were ready to move within the next 18 months and found that 84 percent of respondents believed that the neighborhood is just as—if not more—important than the actual physical building. On top of that, in another survey, Trulia learned that 40 percent of respondents regretted their move after three years not because of the home, but because of the surroundings.

Trulia sees this as an information problem. If home buyers had more details about the neighborhood they’re considering, the company figures, they’d ultimately make more informed decisions. And to make it easier for buyers to get a handle on their potential new neighborhood, Trulia is launching Trulia Neighborhoods, a feature in its app that lets people browse through commissioned photos and videos, stats, maps, quotes from locals, and more.


With the new feature, buyers get a one-stop shop for neighborhood information. They can look at what streets around the property under consideration look like without pulling up Google Maps. They can also reference amenities like gyms, parks, and restaurants without looking at Yelp. And so on.

The Neighborhoods feature is now live for 300 neighborhoods across the San Francisco Bay Area, Austin, and Chicago, with a slow rollout planned for more areas of the U.S.

Via: Fast Company