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Tiny ‘hobbit house’ can be rented for your next retreat

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A wee portal to the Shire

Wooden tiny house with circular windows WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

The only thing more adorable than a tiny house is a tiny house that looks like it’s made for a hobbit. At the WeeCasa Tiny House Resort (yes, this is a real thing) in Lyon, Colorado, you can choose to spend your vacation in one of 22 micro homes. Among them is the Hobbit House, a tiny timber structure that looks like it’s straight out of the Shire.

Circular door open to the interior WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

The house has a circular front door that opens into a charming interior. Everything from the cabinets to the bathroom walls is clad in wood, giving the space a sauna-like appearance. At 170 square feet, it’s compact, but there’s still room for a full bathroom, loft bed, serviceable kitchen, and a seating area.

Wooden interior with stairway WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

On the outside, the tiny home has wooden shingles and vines of ivy that make it feel more suited to a lush forest than a lot full of other tiny homes. But alas, the Hobbit House shares its space with a row of other tiny houses—not exactly Middle Earth, but this little dwelling is a start.

Via: Inhabitat