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AIA outlines its approach to shaping safe school design

A multifaceted plan of action

With school safety coming into focus after more mass shootings around the country, architects have been grappling with the issue from a design perspective.

This week, the American Institute of Architects released its take on the subject in a statement titled, “Where we stand: School design and student safety.” The statement outlines a series of initiatives the organization plans to lead in the coming years.

The short of it: AIA believes schools need a combination of approaches to ensure students remain safe while learning and that classrooms can be open and nurturing while remaining secure and vigilant. The organization will seek to lead the adoption of school design best practices at the local, state, and federal levels. It will focus on making design and architecture services an eligible use of federal funding and grants for schools.

The AIA will also commit to providing continuing education for its members to get up to speed on safe school design options and resources, as well as launching grassroots efforts to educate state and local government officials on the subject. Finally, the AIA plans to create an expansive repository of guidelines and resources on school design for educational officials, architects, and other design professionals.

Read the full statement here.