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Burberry’s iconic plaid turned into sculptural furniture

When the walls are fashion, too

Plaid panels against white wall Floor Knaapen via Dezeen

Burberry’s tartan is iconic. The red, white, black, and white pattern has been used on the company’s clothes since the 1920s. Now, the signature plaid is getting a three-dimensional makeover thanks to the Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis.

Clothes hanging on racks Eric Petschek via Dezeen

To celebrate the fashion house’s new collection and a line created especially for Opening Ceremony’s New York and Los Angeles stores, Marcelis designed a series of translucent panels that turn the brand’s tartan into almost sculpture-like pieces.

Instead of using paint, Marcelis set blocks of colored resin to create the plaid, which gives the panels a 3D look.

Plaid panels against white walls Floor Knaapen via Dezeen

Casting resin in “varied layers and transparencies creates an unexpected depth to the materiality,” said a statement from Marcelis.

She also extruded black, hard-edged clothing racks that extend from the panels and follow the pattern of the black line.

Floor Knaapen via Dezeen

It’s a simple but clever effect that creates a compelling connection between the brand and physical space.

Via: Dezeen