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This eclectic, circular midcentury house could be yours for $1.7M

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No two rooms look alike

This home in Dallas, Texas sits in a half circle with a circular courtyard nestled in it, and is adorned with stones to complete the low-slung design. The interior is a mix of influences that incorporates stone and glass to complement the wood paneling, w
This circular home is an eccentric take on the midcentury modern home.
Photos courtesy of Allie Beth Allman & Associates

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Location: Dallas, Texas

Price: $1,725,000

We love us a good midcentury modern home here at Curbed, but rarely do we ever see a home more unique and truly of its time than this five-bed, four-bath home that just hit the market in Dallas, Texas.

The origin of the 1962-built home has been debated for some time, but the current listing says it was designed by a protege to Bruce Goff, the unconventional architect who layered his midcentury creations with an organic and eccentric sensibility that stood out from the work of his peers.

Called the Round House, the 5,814 square-foot design is shaped like a half-circle for the most part and incorporates elements of stone, wood and glass alongside onyx terrazzo and brass inlaid concrete floors. If your eyes are drawn anywhere first—and really, everyone might find something different—it might be to the showstopper of a fireplace in the living room that leads up to a skylight.

While there’s some sense of an overarching style, no two rooms look exactly alike. The walnut paneling is distinctly midcentury, but is contrasted by the intricate murals that adorn the walls.

One of the bedrooms features a circular bed and a rock wall, at once eliciting awe and bewilderment. The pool out back seems to be the most straightforward element of the whole home.

The home has bounced on and off the market over the years, and back in 2009, its massive domed entrance was demolished, a blow to the house which has long been on local architecture tours. But otherwise it looks the same way it did when it was completed more than 50 years ago, an artifact that is strikingly extraordinary in every sense of the word.

If you want this slice of Dallas architecture history, 7507 Baxtershire Drive is on the market now for $1,725,000.