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Camper vans get a race car makeover

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From the spoilers to the rims, its a Hot Wheels aesthetic

Ever wanted a spoiler on your camper van? Knaus Tabbert delivers.
All photos courtesy of Knaus Tabbert

Everyone knows what an SUV is, but have you ever heard of a CUV—”Caravanning Utility Vehicle”? Germany-based camper manufacturer Knaus Tabbert is hoping that CUV becomes more than a slick marketing phrase. For the second year in a row, Knaus is set to debut a new camper van that has some of the sporty characteristics prized by SUV owners. Love campers and vans? Come join our new community group!

Last year Knaus introduced the Boxdrive, a camper van with a multi-position double bed—a bit like the Winnebago Revel—that can be lowered or raised to access storage space below. In anticipation of this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, one of the biggest camper events of the year, Knaus just announced they will debut two new CUV concept campers, the Weinsberg CUVolution and Knaus CUVision.

According to the press release, the CUVolution is a bright orange camper trimmed in a matte anthracite color created to look like carbon fiber. Low-side skirts and oversized air intake slots are two noticeable features; the exaggerated roof spoiler is another. Although the spoiler is meant to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics, it also has the effect of making the camper look like a Hot Wheels car.

Likewise, the CUVision looks a bit like a van that went on MTV’s Pimp My Ride show. Based on the Knaus Man TGE van, the CUVision boasts a large front spoiler, Xenon headlamps, and “tendon-like chrome clasps” on the side. Oversized rims and a flashy gray and blue color scheme round out the aesthetics.

We don’t know what the insides of the vans look like yet; we’ll have to wait until Düsseldorf Caravan Salon opens later this month. And it seems unlikely that many van owners would trade ground clearance and durability for a camper van that looks like a wannabe race car. It’s important to remember that these are just concept vehicles that will likely never make it to production.

Still, it’s fun to see camper manufacturers push the boundaries creatively, and it’s one of the most entertaining parts of the big trade shows. Stay tuned for more.