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Solar-powered tiny cabin offers eco-friendly nature retreat

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Zero emission and it looks good? Sign us up

This eco-friendly cabin is in the shape of a triangle, with an interior about the size of a small bedroom and rising about 13 feet tall. The exterior is clad in solar panels to help it reach minimal emissions, while the rest of the cabin is built from ply
The prototype for this cabin is currently on display on an island off the Finnish capital of Helsinki.
Photos courtesy of Neste

For those hoping to enjoy nature while leaving as small a footprint as possible, an alluring new option with strong A-frame vibes has arrived.

Today, Finland-based renewable energy company Neste unveiled a sleek new cabin that presents a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional camping. The Nolla cabin, conceived as a zero-emission structure, can be constructed anywhere with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Designed by Finnish architect Robin Falck, the cabin stands a touch over 13 feet tall and is the size of a small bedroom, making it (relatively) easy to transport and assemble. In addition to the minimal concrete impact on the site where it sits, the structure generates electricity with solar panels, while a stove inside runs off renewable diesel made by Neste.

The home is largely built out of plywood, seamlessly blending the cabin into the natural world around it. A floor-to-ceiling window adorns one end of the cabin, which is currently on display on an island off the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

This is not Falck’s first foray into the world of outdoor living, as he has attracted attention for his chic tiny cabin built for just $10,500 a few years back.