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Indoor-outdoor modern house is immersed in greenery

Nature as decor

modern indoor outdoor house in India Praveen Mohandas via Designboom

Plenty of houses embrace the concept of indoor-outdoor living (even tiny homes), but this house in Kerala, India, is one of the best examples we’ve seen yet. Lijo Reny Architects designed the 6,850-square-foot home to blend with nature by creating open spaces that blur the lines between inside and outside and bringing in tons of greenery.

Praveen Mohandas via Designboom

The house is built on a gridded layout, with a series of airy courtyards that are boxed in by perforated panels and green walls. Many of the home’s floor-to-ceiling windows face inward towardsthe courtyards, which makes the green landscaping feel like it’s part of the home’s decor.

Praveen Mohandas via Designboom
Perforated wall casting pattern onto floor Praveen Mohandas via Designboom

The home’s perforated patterned panels are formal and functional—they allow light light to shine through at night, while during the day they cast patterns of light onto the concrete floor. The effect is beautiful, while also allowing wind to pass through the home, creating a natural cooling system for warm days.

Outdoor deck overlooking yard Praveen Mohandas via Designboom

Via: Designboom