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Curvy concrete seating looks potentially comfortable

Call it soft Brutalism

Curvy concrete chair Photo via Designboom

Italian designer Alessandro di Prisco’s new chair achieves a remarkable feat: It’s made entirely from concrete, yet it actually looks like it could be (sort of) comfortable. The designer recently unveiled the Babol chair, named for the word’s evocation of the word “bubble”, and it’s the latest example of “chubby” design to catch our eye.

Close up of concrete Photo via Designboom

Designed for the Italian furniture company Urbo, Babol is conceived as a modular system. Every molded piece is the same, with two knobs that face each other diagonally and subtle curves throughout. But the units can be arranged so that—in addition to serving as statement one-off seats—they can create larger formations suitable for public spaces.

Two concrete chairs pushed together Photo via Designboom

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Via: Designboom