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Tiny teardrop trailer sleeps 2 for under $12,000

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There’s even a skylight for stargazing

A small trailer is attached to a jeep. The trailer is brown. The jeep is green and has a bicycle on top of it.
The Pika teardrop trailer from Timberleaf Trailers is a tiny take on a classic shape.
Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers

There are plenty of large campers out there, from Sprinter vans that can sleep a family of six to giant Class A RVs that store a sports car in a mobile garage. But for some people, the desire to adventure requires something a bit smaller. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

Enter the all new Pika teardrop trailer, which comes in an off-road trim package. Like other teardrops, campers like the Pika trailer boast a a swooping, curvy design and a rear-accessed galley kitchen. However, off-road teardrops feature better suspension and burly tires, allowing campers to go further on rougher terrain. Made by Colorado-based Timberleaf Trailers, the Pika is a about 13 smaller than a standard teardrop, making it perfect for one or two people.

Weighing 1,025 pounds for the base model, the Pika is a lightweight trailer that makes for easy towing and handling by most passenger vehicles. The length clocks in at just under 12 feet, and it’s the smallest of the trailers sold by Timberleaf. Even though it’s compact, you still get about 36 inches of headspace and a skylight that helps the interior feel larger. The sleeping space also features LED reading lights, a multi-speed fan, dual USB ports, and cargo-net storage. The best part might be the dual-access door and two extra sliding windows; the Pika might be small on space but its thoughtful, airy design means that you won’t feel cramped.

Dual doors mean that you’ll never have to climb over someone to sleep, and extra windows provide plenty of interior light.
Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers

Like most teardrops, an exterior kitchen means that you’ll be cooking outside in the Pika. The galley area features a slide out area for a fridge or cooler—something like the Dometic CFX-35W fridge—but lacks a sink or stovetop. You do get lots of counter space for cooking, a bit of storage, and some more LED lights and ports. Although the Pika doesn’t boast the fanciest of kitchens, it’s a functional take on the basics.

Timberleaf Trailers sells the Pika in three trim packages depending on what type of driving you’ll be doing. An off-road package adds four inches of lift and better suspension, as well as sturdier tires and new fenders. Other options for any of the Pika trailers include solar panels and roof racks. Pricing starts at $11,750, making the Pika a lightweight and affordable option in the compact trailer category.

The rear-accessed galley kitchen is basic, but functional.
Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers
A skylight means that this teardrop is ready for stargazing.
Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers
Cargo nets provide storage and a ceiling fan helps to keep things comfortable.
Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers