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Casper is now selling bedding and furniture

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A whole bedroom in a box

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Overhead shot of bed with sheets Casper

Casper, a leading purveyor of direct-to-consumer mattresses, is getting deeper into the sleep game. The company recently started selling bedding products like sheets, duvets, and a mattress protector, plus a line of minimalist furniture.

Platform bed Casper

Pick up a set of Casper cotton, supima, or linen sheets (ranging from $75-$200) and throw them on top of your Casper mattress that now rests atop of a Casper platform bed (that’ll be an extra $895). If you want to get extra comfy you can throw in a foundation (essentially a box spring) or a remote controlled adjustable base (starting at $1,095). Make sure you pick up a matching nightstand ($295) because where else will you store that remote?

White nightstand Casper

It was only a matter of time before Casper unveiled its plans for bedroom domination. The sleep industry is booming for the young, tired, and wellness-minded, and the company only had a small piece of it with mattresses.

Casper is betting that convenience will be enough to convince customers to drop a couple thousand dollars on a bedroom set. Now, you have the option to get everything you need for your bedroom in one place—delivered to you in a box to your doorstep.

Adjustable bed frame
Adjustable base

Via: Fast Company