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Fortress-like house is a study in color and texture

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Beautifully intimidating

Exterior of house with concrete and pink wall Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

It’s hard to know what to make of architect Edgardo Marveggio’s design in Córdoba, Argentina. On one hand, it’s inviting, with its bright yellows and pinks. On the other, it’s a fortress—safeguarded from the street with layers of heft and material.

Window casting pink light on wall Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

Either way, the house is a study in textures, beginning with the exterior fence, which uses patterned concrete and pink planks to hide the home from view. Marveggio designed the home like a Mondrian painting—planes of shapes, color, and material overlap to stunning effect.

Yellow grid ceiling Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

Inside, the house retains its sense of privacy with the ground level blocked from street view and a mezzanine that offers a glimpse of the backyard through tall glass windows that are protected by a bright yellow shade.

Exterior of house with blocked windows Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

Much like the facade, the interior focuses on shape and material, which play off of each other and create unexpected moments of beauty. Marveggio paid particular attention to light, allowing the windows that do exist to cast a warm pink or blue glow onto the home’s walls and floors.

Yellow grid ceiling and window Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

Via: Designboom