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Lightweight camper trailer can be towed by most cars

Teardrop-inspired and ready to roll

The Luna trailer is a modern take on the classic teardrop shape.
Courtesy of inTechRV

Although there are still plenty of massive, gas-guzzling Class A RVs on the road, smaller, more eco-friendly trailers and campers are becoming more popular each year. That’s likely because they are easier to haul, can access more places, and don’t require such large vehicles for towing. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

The latest to catch our eye are the Luna trailers by inTechRV. Available in three different trim packages—the regular Luna, the Luna Lite, and the new off-road capable Luna Rova—these teardrop-inspired trailers range in base weight from 1400 to 1800 pounds with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 2,200 pounds. This means that many large sedans and small SUVs can pull the trailer (although you should always check the specific rating for your own vehicle).

The three different Luna trailers are manufactured with an all-aluminum, all-tube, fully welded cage frame, and they all feature the same basic layout. A distinctive full tempered glass windshield provides views to the outdoors, while inside a fairly large—especially for a teardrop—bed can easily sleep two thanks to the seven-foot-long interior space. When not set up as a bed, two 30 by 82-inch futon sofa beds have backrests and cupholders so they can be used for lounging. The interior windows boast screens and shades, doors access the unit from either side, and there’s also a front storage cabinet with a center table when the cabin isn’t set up for sleeping.

The inside of the Luna trailer features a 40-inch TV.
Courtesy of inTechRV

Like most teardrops, the kitchen is accessed from the rear, and the Luna trailers feature a stainless steel sink, a 12-volt refrigerator on a slide out tray, and a two-burner stainless steel gas cooktop. Eight gallons of fresh water can fit in the holding tank, and extra storage lets you bring all of your cooking supplies.

While the lightweight Luna comes with a smaller TV and a lighter AC, all three trailers boast nice lighting and entertainment options. The base price of the standard Luna is $16,537 with fully loaded options running over $19,000. Head over here for more.

The Luna trailer set up for sleeping.
Courtesy of inTechRV
The interior of the Luna Light trailer.
Courtesy of inTechRV
The Luna Light trailer has a smaller TV to help reduce weight.
Courtesy of inTechRV
A rear-accessed kitchen features all the basics and some good storage.
Courtesy of inTechRV